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In summer 2014, we met for lunch at a temporary container bar at the Bürgerbräu worksite. During these lunch breaks an idea popped up of opening up a store for concepts - basically making a living out of selling ideas. One thing let to another and in 2015 the FIN-GER Finnish-German Concept Store opened its doors at the former Horse Stables (Pferdestall) at the Bürgerbräu Old Brewery in Würzburg, Germany.

The FIN-GER is all about making ideas; creating innovative concepts & making ideas become reality. In 2015 the FIN-GER created the concepts and realized the ArchitekturAkademie für Kinder, FIN-GER Architecture Biennale, nanokino, nano-office, Panzerkette, Urban Camping, Camera Obscura, Belvedere, Finnish Sky, took part in the international Restaurant Day, and arranged numerous art exhibitions with a wide spectrum of arts and artists in the minimalistic, whitewalled 33 m2 Store.

While coming up with these concepts, we noticed the emergence of a new philosophy: fingerism. It is about seeing the best in everything and everyone, and using creative play and good humour to make ideas become reality.

So, you might ask: "Why FIN-GER?". Our answer is: "Why not?"

Juhani Karanka, Finnish Architect & Urban Planner
Matthias Braun, German Architect & Artist

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