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 F I N - G E R  -  Finnish-German Concept Studio

FIN-GER | Store to Studio

C O N C E P T  S T O R E  2 0 1 5  -  2 0 2 3

In summer 2014, two architects, Juhani Karanka (FIN) and Matthias Braun (GER), met for lunch in the container bar at the Bürgerbräu. During these lunch breaks an idea emerged to open a store for concepts - basically to make a living out of selling ideas. One thing let to another and in 2015 the FIN-GER Finnish-German Concept Store opened its doors in the former Horse Stables at the Bürgerbräu Old Brewery in Würzburg.

FIN-GER was all about creating innovative concepts and making ideas become reality. Since 2015, FIN-GER arranged an ArchitekturAkademie für Kinder and Architecture Biennale, unique events (nanokino, Urban Camping, Camera Obscura, Belvedere, Finnish Sky, etc.), took part in the Restaurant Day and arranged numerous art exhibitions.
After almost ten years of activity, the FIN-GER GbR (company) closed at the end of 2023.

C O N C E P T  S T U D I O  2 0 2 4  -

The story of FIN-GER continues on with the transition from "Store To Studio" at the same location. In January 2024, the new FIN-GER opened its doors as a Studio at the Kultur- und Kreativzentrum Bürgerbräu. The Studio is located in the former Horse Stables which now serve as a creative space for "Making Ideas".

FIN-GER provides insightful concepts, designs and plans for private, public and commercial clients. The services and products include Architecture & Design, Urban Planning, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Photography and Film. FIN-GER is also specialised in Nordic Lifestyle - with core value of "Love for Life".


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