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FIN-GER Architecture Studio Tatort Architektur!
FIN-GER Architecture Studio
FIN-GER Architecture Studio offers professional design services in Architecture, Urban Planning, Interior Architecture, Art and Design.

Juhani KARANKA, Architect & Urban Planner SAFA
Finnish Architect & Urban Planner >

Matthias BRAUN
German Architect BayArch Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Architekt BDA & Artist >

Norbert GEISEL
German Architect Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Architekt BDA

For more information about Architecture Studio > Studio

camera obscura FIN-GER Architecture Biennale
FIN-GER Architecture Biennale
The FIN-GER Architecture Biennale presents top Finnish and German contemporary architects and their architecture. The idea is to arrange the Biennale every year and to alternate the guest country.

FIN-GER Architecture Biennale 2019
Coming in July 2019

FIN-GER Architecture Biennale 2018
Finnish architects MER Arkkitehdit >

FIN-GER Architecture Biennale 2017
German architects Hütten Und Paläste from Berlin

FIN-GER Architecture Biennale 2016
Finnish architect Anssi Lassila from Helsinki & Seinäjoki >

FIN-GER Architecture Biennale 2015
German architect Jürgen Mayer H. from Berlin >

For more information about Architecture Biennale > Biennale

architekturakademie für kinder

ArchitekturAkademie fur Kinder FIN-GER ArchitekturAkademie fur Kinder
FIN-GER ArchitekturAkademie für Kinder
The concept of the school is based on the Finnish architecture & art education programmes. The teachers are professional architects, artists and educators with emphasis on childrens personal creativity and development. Finnish architect Juhani Karanka has over 10-year experience in teaching architecture to children and youth, and Matthias Braun is a well-known German architect & artist.

A Course lasts for six weeks, and teaching is once per week at the FIN-GER Concept Store at Bürgerbräu, Würzburg. Each studio session is 90 minutes long, with max. 8 children between ages 7-14. Teaching is available in German, English and Finnish. Price: 90 € / child / course. Price includes teaching and materials.

For more information about
ArchitecturAkademie für Kinder > Academy

Tatort Architektur! FIN-GER Architecture Biennale
Tatort Architektur!
Tatort Architektur! follows the German tradition of watching a TV crime series in good company. Instead of crime, we watch architecture online-films with snacks & drinks on last Friday of each Month. Welcome!

Event: Tatort Architektur!
Time: Last Friday of the Month | 18:00
Location: FIN-GER | Bürgerbräu-Würzburg
Price: free

For more information about Tatort Architektur! > Tatort Architektur!

Printed Society
FIN-GER proudly presents Max Gehlofen's Printed Society Art Exhibition during three consecutive weekends in February. Max offers the visitors a chance to try out 3D-printing of art works, and a possiblity to take part in his continuing art project on humanity.

Printed Society: Vernissage 02.02.2018 | Friday | 19:00
Printed Society: 02.-04.02.2018 | Friday, Saturday, Sunday| 16:00-20:00
Printed Society: 09.-11.02.2018 | Friday, Saturday, Sunday| 16:00-20:00
Printed Society: 16.-18.02.2018 | Friday, Saturday, Sunday| 16:00-20:00

To commemorate documenta 14, FIN-GER Concept Store offers the ultimate sidekick: dogumenta - the art exhibition for dogs. Come and bring along your best pal, experience the unique art exhibition and spend a day at Bürgerbräu and the surrounding parks. P.S. - dogumenta is barrier-free and especially doggy-designed for dog-height viewing.

Exhibition: dogumenta
Opening times: 10.-11.06.2017 Saturday-Sunday |10:00-18:00
Location: Bürgerbrau Old Brewery | Pferdestall | FIN-GER Concept Store
Price: free

For more information about dogumenta > dogumenta

documenta 14 in Kassel 10.6.-17.9.2017 >


Concept To Go

Concept To Go
FIN-GER offers an unique opportunity for you to step into the Store and ask for a "Concept To Go". The idea is to provide architectural design advice and freehand sketches by a Finnish architect for people, who are in need of a quick and simple help. In between talking and sketching you can enjoy a nice cup of hot coffee or tea. Please be in contact beforehand in order to make an appointment.

For more information about Concept To Go > ConceptToGo

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