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 I N T E R I O R S

Aurora | 2019

AURORA | Würzburg | Germany | 2019 | Studio Karanka
Interior design in Nordic style for a private apartment in a 1960s residential building. White walls with a Pacific Blue accent, German full oak furniture combined with Finnish design and lamps by Alvar Aalto, Eero Aarnio and Sekto.

FIN-GER | 2014-2015

FIN-GER | Würzburg | Germany | 2014-2015 | Studio Karanka & Matthias Braun
Concept, brand and interiror design for FIN-GER Finnish-German Concept Store in a 3 meter wide and 4 meter high shared creative space at Bürgerbräu Old Brewery.

Romulus | 2014

ROMULUS | Helsinki | Finland | 2014 | Studio Karanka
Interior design for a private hipster apartment in a 1920s courtyard building in Kallio, Helsinki. As all the windows open up towards northeast, the natural daylight plays an important role. The white and monocromatic colours (light gray á la Carl Ludwig Engel) emphasize the Nordic mood all-year round. For this interior design, only one A3-sheet of paper was needed. The hand-drawn sketch included the ideas, dimensions, materials, and details that the workmen used for the renovation work. Oh, and a small smudge from the Silvaner white wine spilled over during the hectic sketching session together with the owner of the apartment. Now the sketch is framed and on the wall in the kitchen as evidence that things can be made simple.

Nemo | 2013

NEMO | Helsinki | Finland | 2013 | Studio Karanka
Interior design for a ground floor apartment in a Jugend Style residential building by architect Sigurd Frosterus.

Tieto | 2008-2009

TIETO | Tampere | Finland | 2008-2009 | Atelier Karanka & Tamminen
Monochromatic, multistorey bookshop interior for the Building Information Ltd (Rakennustieto).

Origami | 1996-1997

ORIGAMI | Tampere | Finland | 1996-1997 | Atelier Karanka
Interior design for the main marketing and exhibition space at the Neopac Metsä-Serla cardboard factory. The invited competition was won with an idea of using the factory’s own products - corrugated cardboard - as the surface material. A wide range of different cardboards were used, fineliner for details, heavyload for walls, and water resistant pizza-packaging for the kitchen. Also some furniture, light fixtures, objects, vitrines were produced following the same principle. And all were fixed to the background veneer boards with double-sided tape! As an architectural contrast to the rational factory building, the intimate, warm interior was a positive surprise to personnel and visitors alike.

Urrila Residence | 1986-1988

URRILA | Tampere | Finland | 1986-1988 | Atelier Karanka
Interior design and renovation of an original Jugend Style apartment for a private family. The design approach was to follow architect Birger Federlay‘s footsteps, and "let him guide the pen on paper". The finished interior compliments the exterior of this beautiful residential building (Tuomisen kivimuuri / Stonewall of Tuominen, 1914) by Federlay which is located next to Lars Sonck‘s Tampere Cathedral.


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